Matteo LalloneiOS Developer & UX/UI Enthusiast

About Me

I'm Matteo Lallone, an iOS Developer living in Rome, Italy. My job and my passion is building solid and beautiful apps for iOS.


I am an Apple enthusiast, and I like being always up-to-date to the latest news. I am completely focused on the development for the iOS platform.

Code Style

I like building solid apps, while keeping things simple, avoiding heavy pre-optimizations and cumbersome implementations.

Ideal Team

My ideal team for building apps must include great UI/UX designers, with passion for details and great focus on the current design trends.


I find extremely funny experimenting with designers, working with them to explore innovative solutions and iterating towards the final result.


Hire Me

If you want to hire me for a project, please use the contacts below. Please, be as specific as you can and give me every detail which can help me understand if we can work together.

My Skills

I am deeply focused on the development of iOS applications, and I embrace the whole application lifecycle management, from the initial design to the app publishing on the App Store.

My Objectives

  • Always being up-to-date to the latest news in the iOS development world
  • Shipping functional and solid applications
  • Having the chance to work with great UX/UI designers
  • Stick to the best practices and keep on investigating about improving the quality of my products
  • Work with passionate people with complete focus on the value of the product

My Technical Skills

Cocoa Touch
Application Lifecycle Management
Source Control Management

My Portfolio

This portfolio shows several iOS apps I worked on. I do not maintain many of these apps, since they are now managed by my previous employers. Please, download my printable portfolio to check the features of every project in detail.